Quality Materials

Nitro Express shoulder bags are crafted to the highest standards to meet the demands of discerning customers.

We have selected the very best materials (as below) to create our unique range.
For example, the canvas comprises two layers of cotton twill, bonded with a layer of natural rubber, to create an exterior that is mildew-proof, tear-proof, rot-proof and water-proof.
In addition to being exceptionally durable, this canvas also has an amazingly soft & luxurious touch.

The Canvas

An exceptionally-strong canvas made by a specialist fabric company in England that employs the latest in fabric technology

The Leather

Quality Italian leather is used for the trim

Quality Italian leather is used for the trim

The zipper

This zipper will last - the metal is solid brass

The pull and studs are solid brass with an antique finish

The webbing

Two inch wide military style and strength webbing - durable and comfortable

two-inch wide military strength webbing
provides a durable and comfortable shoulder strap